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At OKC Electrical Contractors, Inc., we are known for maintaining close professional relationships with our clients. We provide a step by step analysis to provide the best electrical solutions for new construction, clinics, call centers, entertainment venues, and large chain clients. We utilize this knowledge to produce the best results for the support of your companies electrical and telecommunication needs. The ability to adapt to industry advancements matched with our years of experience is what makes us an outstanding service provider.

We pride ourselves on going far and beyond basic service. We widen the scope of basic workmanship by combining experience with the most recent technologically advanced procedures. In addition, we strive to produce the most highly trained team of electricians available to best serve our clients.

In our service center we provide a licensed journeyman electrician and a licensed apprentice electrician in every service vehicle. These employees are certified and cleared to work in highly secure areas like the federal government and state agencies.

We have bucket truck service available for site and roadway lighting, temporary emergency generators, and portable lighting available for any situation.
We bill our clients with a detailed time and material invoice listing all of the specific parts used and the select labors hours used while active at our clients location.

Our service department is available 7 days a week 24 hours a day for emergency repairs. We accept all major credit cards for repairs and service. For any service requests or estimates please email us at