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The ability to design/build a project with a team of contractors is the most enjoyable and cost effective way for an owner or developer to produce a new project. The general population is under the illusion that the open public bidding process lowers the overall cost of construction. Over the last twenty years we have completed hundreds of design build projects. In every case the project was completed at a lower cost, improved end quality, better ease of use, and ahead of schedule.

Accordingly, Arizona State University was one of the first institutions to leave the lowest bid public market and go to a performance based design/build bidding system for all of their projects. For information purposes let us discuss the differences between hard bid or public bidding and design build.

In the public bid market all the contractors will bid the plans and specifications produced by a design team. The various major subcontractors are not involved in the design with the owner. Since the contractors are bidding against numerous competitors he/she is unable to cover or redesign certain items for risk that they are not the low bidder and do not consequently get the project. Once the project is bid and awarded to a contractor. The owner has now successfully captured every trade with the lowest bid. Any potential design changes and/or errors will now be priced at a higher change order margin.

In contrast, a design build project starts out with a design team that includes all of the major subcontractors. All areas of the project are discussed with the owner to identify cost effective methods and actual use by the owner. After the project is finalized in design, the project is priced at a normal margin. Because the subcontractors were involved in the design, the cost of each trade is reduced, the value/cost for owner has increased, and the opportunity for changes is limited greatly. The project is now designed around a team concept, so all of the trades have motivation to assist each other and consequently increase the speed of completion.

We are blessed to have been involved in so many different design/build projects in the Oklahoma area. As a company we strive to continue to improve our expertise in the industry so we can serve our clients and contractors for many years to come.

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